Sunday, July 11, 2010

Photography Misadventure

When I was a little girl I really wanted to do ballet. My parents, perhaps wisely, didn't encourage this desire. I watched the ballerinas on T.V with envy, they were pretty, but most of all they were graceful. This is something I have never been, I have all the grace of a bull! I often walk into things, trip over my own feet and drop things. As a consequence, I am cautious, I don't climb trees, fences, sometimes I even avoid stairs!! However, when I have a camera in my hands that changes. Sometimes in the pursuit of that perfect angle I forget how clumsy I am.

Yesterday was one of those occasions. Gaz and I went out for drive, headed down to North Wales with the cameras in the car. As we drove down the road we both spotted it, the perfect subject for the day. We were on the coast and the path that we followed was beside a small estuary. The tide was out and the river bed/sea bed was pretty much exposed. I looked down the bank, looked at the subject and realised that the perfect shot was five feet down from where I was. Yes, that sand-bank looked a little damp, and possibly slippy, but the shot would be perfect. I slowly stepped down, I got three feet, four feet, and as I tested my footing for that final step, I thought, that's it I've made it!! No. As I took that final step, my foot slipped and I fell flat on my behind, and slid down the bank. It was an action slip, with me desperately holding my camera in the air so it didn't get damaged.

As I finally slid to a stop, I wiped my now muddy hand on my filthy jeans, took my shot and then yelled for Gaz to come and help me get out!

So, do you think the slide was worth it?

I actually took two shots, I couldn't help myself! That ship and those clouds, I mean look at it!!

Now, I would NEVER normally share this shot, but really I think you need to see for yourself before you can understand how messy I got getting those shots.

I can't wait to get the rest of the shots of that ship uploaded to Lightroom. Personally, I think the fall was well worth it.


  1. You crack me up! Great post... and yes, the slide was totally worth it!!! how on earth you kept your white jacket so clean is beyond me! :-)

  2. Lol, thanks Natalie. And I have no idea how I kept that jacket clean either!