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Everyday Victim Blaming

This thing with 'victim' and 'survivor' - link

Joe Hildebrand's victim blaming made me furious - link

Authority. Obedience and Teen/Teacher "relationships" - link

A Room of Our Own

A six part series examining disablism in mainstream feminism:

1) Disablism in mainstream Feminism - link
2) Cognitive Dissonance and Privilege - link
3) Schemas, Stereotypes and In-group/Out-group Thinking - link
4) The Consequences of Individual vs Class analysis - link
5) Interacting with traumatised individuals - link
6) Learning, Mistakes and Forgiveness - link

Plus, several of the posts from this blog, which have been cross-posted -

Reading Audre Lorde is changing my life

I'm coming out........ as working-class

Why should we focus on women in STEM?

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