Monday, June 21, 2010

The Pow- Wow!!!

Friday, well Friday was the Pow Wow. After another day of really interesting talks and presenting my poster we all got to go to this amazing event.

A Pow Wow is a Native-American dance competition, but it's also so much more. It was increadible to be allowed to witness this cultural tradition. I stood in awe as maybe a hundred people danced into the basketball stadium.

 Men, Women and children in the most amazing outfits!!

I don't know that I can really explain what the experience was like. All I could think was what an honour it was to be witnessing this spectacle. So when they invited the audience to join the dancing I was off, in typical giddy Claire style, dragging everyone else with me. 

We danced with them, then we danced for them. It was so much fun!!

When we left the dance-floor, the competition started. You've never seen real breakdancing until you've seen it done by a Native-American in full regalia.

The skill of those dancers was unbelievable!

When it came time to leave I was disappointed, but also completely fired up and excited. I bounced my way back to the shuttle bus, chattering incessantly about how amazing the Pow Wow had been, what a privilege it was to be there and how it was an experience that I will be telling my great-grandchildren about. It was a truly wonderful insight into another culture, a different way of life and I was deeply moved by the experience.

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