Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunset at Entwhistle

OK, so I know that the blog is supposed to be about Psychology, but I have another passion, Photography. And sometimes the tog in me has to come out and play. Like one night last week, when Cas came home from school demanding to go out, and Gaz suggested we go for a walk. There's a resovoir not too far from us called Entwhistle, which is really pretty. So we decided to go there. I grabbed my camera bag with a "I'll only kick myself if I see a shot and haven't got my camera" and off we went. I was soooooo glad I'd grabbed my camera when we got there! The sun was setting and the lake was partly frozen. The light was amazing, the colours were incredible. It was a VERY slow walk, with my boys sighing every time I lifted the camera again. But I think it was worth it! Judge for yourself......

I'm still a bit of a hit and miss photographer, I kinda know how the settings on my camera work and how to compensate for lighting, but sometimes I don't get it right. On this particular night, all of my changes worked! The photography gods were smiling on me, and when I opened these pics in LR a week later I got really excited! Most of these shots are SOOC (Straight out of camera), which for me is a first! I'm a happy little tog this week.

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  1. I've been to Entwistle and the view of the resevoirs are stunning. I used to go on the train from Darwen to Manchester often. You can see a magnificient view of the resevoir as the train goes on a bridge over the resevoir.