Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Opportunities keep on knocking

Just had to blog about today, it's proving to be such a great day. I woke up this morning with a nasty cold, and dragged myself out of bed feeling very sorry for myself. But I am sooo glad I did. I got people to fill in my questionnaires for my dissertation, and the exam results were published. I got results that I am proud of and very happy with, and I'm still in line for my first class honours.
On top of that, I spoke to a friend today, who had heard through the "grapevine" that there may be a really cool opportunity in the department. I don't want to say too much 'cause it's not a sure thing yet, but it's damn good to even be able to consider it.
I'm having such a good year so far, I'm going to Montana in April, I'm busy with a research project with two friends of mine, I'm on the editorial board for the University journal, and now another opportunity is possibly coming my way. All the hard work is starting to pay off and I'm feeling really positive.
I don't mean to brag, and hope that I'm not coming across that way, because the truth is, at times I can't really believe all this is happening to ME. I'm actually just really excited, and grateful for everything that is coming my way.
Now all I have to do is find enough time in the day for everything! ;D

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